Using the Power of Digital 3D Technologies to Maximize the Visual Impact of your Projects

We do two types of 3D renderings or 3D illustrations, as they are also called: the ones that recreate a fully digital 3D environment and the ones that blend 3D geometry with a photographic background. Each of them has advantages over the other, depending on context.

We decided to organize our 3D illustration work in three groups: 3D architectural renderings, 3D interior design renderings and, finally, 3D illustrations with transportation and Landscape Architecture as a theme. See the small menu below.

3D technology improves so fast that we try to showcase only our very latest work. Still, some of our images are oldies but goodies, so we left them there. Let's see if you spot them.

It has been said many times that what makes a good rendering is not an accurate geometry 詣h is still very important- but a credible light distribution. How about 3D animation?

We try to move beyond the pedestrian quality of many 칠bys' and walk-thrus' out there by designing virtual camera graceful movements, fluid pace and appropriate sound. We study the work of the great movie-making masters, taking our inspiration from their work.

The included 3D animations cover a wide range of subject matters. Most of them were originally rendered at HD 720p resolution. You will see them here at half that resolution.

Additionally, we have included a sampler of or A/V editing capabilities, as applied to corporate video and other needs that you may have.

Introducing Social 3D Interactivity, 3Di for short, the most exciting breakthrough in the realm of 3D computer visualization of the recent years.

Plugin-less 3Di panels have a number of uses in education, design and eCommerce. It is the closest possible experience to have the real thing in your hands. It allows you, not only to examine the object from any angle, inside and out, but to manipulate and control its features, act on its moving parts and act on a number of its configuration parameters.

For added fun and usefulness, our latest development is 3Di Social, 3DiS for short, which allows you to share your work with friends: Look for a panel with the 3DiS symbol on the strips below. Play with it and then go social using your favorite icon on our 'Share' bar: It'll be an amazing experience for all involved, guaranteed.
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Phone: 310.477.5327
Address: 501 Palisades Dr. #123
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

We are open to new partnerships and alliances in the following areas:

  • Product Marketing & eCommerce
  • Web Site Design & programming
  • Architectural & Engineering Services
  • Public Relation & Community Outreach

    We welcome resumes & portfolios of digital artists and programmers in the following areas:

  • V-Ray materials & illumination
  • Java & JavaScript programming
  • Web-based eCommerce.

    All graphic and written material shown at and being part of this web site, including html code and layouts, JavaScript routines, flv video streaming files and Java 3D environments and 3D elements & behaviors, as well as Java non-compiled code are copyright © 1997-2012 Julio Llosa & the ARCHIMEDIANS, except when explicitly stated otherwise.

    The opening screen is a self-generated random sequence written in-house with JavaScript. The images are loaded on demand for fast initial deployment.

    Most vehicles in transportation-related 3D models are available at:

    All testimonials from clients have been quoted verbatim from actual business email exchanges and are reproduced with permission.

    The Archimedians are a tightly integrated group of multiple but synergistically complementary talents.
    Julio Llosa earned his bachelor's in Architecture in Peru and did his Masters in Computer Applications in Architecture at UCLA.

    Julio has more than 15 years of experience in 3D visualization and programming and has consulted for firms in high profile winning efforts related to architecture and transportation.

    As our principal, Julio is our leading renderer and animator and programmer.
    Jason Karuza is a native Southern Californian who completed his Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Computer Science at UCLA. He is a software engineer.

    Jason has developed numerous web sites and blogs as well as provided HTML, CSS, and Javascript customizations on top of Perl, PHP, ASP, and .NET back ends. He also has done a variety of application projects with Java and C++.

    Ezequiel Casares, Zeq for his friends, was born in Argentina and he received his BA in Film & Television at UC Long Beach.

    With a trademark meticulous attention to detail, his work mixes web design, video and computer graphics in a seamless blend of allure and artistry, in the context of high design, branding and advertising.

    Zeq is our leader 2D designer for web animation.
    Alonso Llosa, a native from Peru, graduated with honors from UCLA earning his BA in Film & Television.

    Alonso works closely with the entertainment industry, having edited numerous TV spots, movie trailers, corporate & promotional videos for high profile clients such as Southwest Airlines, Sony and 20th Century Fox.

    Alonso is responsible for the audio and video editing of our animation work.

    The following testimonials have been quoted verbatim from email exchanges with our clients, with their approval.

    The Archimedians aspire to be your one-stop resource for all your 3D renderings, animation and interactivity needs.

    The relentless progress in visual technologies thru the ages: the challenge to harness the latest ones is now ours.

    Digital 3D technologies are powerful instruments that can be effectively used to maximize the visual impact of your projects and ideas.

    This web site is a good example of what we believe in: a portfolio of 3D digital work with easy navigation and extremely fast loading time with more than 500 lines of JavaScript code behind its simplicity and directness.

    ARCHIMEDIANS was created many years ago by Julio Llosa to attend the needs of the AEC industry for 3D illustrations, renderings and animations of their presentation material and projects.

    Now we do professional video editing, web design and back end programming to seamlessly integrate online all the above. And our clientele expanded to include interior designers, landscape architects, industrial designers and developers, among others.

    We have now experience integrating our 3D material into the following areas:

  • Project presentations.
  • Fund raising efforts.
  • Real estate marketing.
  • Community outreach programs.
  • Environmental impact studies.
  • 3D interactive eCommerce.
  • High concept web sites.
  • Paleolithic wall painting of animals inside the Altamira caves, Spain
    Medieval stained glass window at Sainte-Jeanne d'Arc, Rouen, France
    Renaissance geometric perspective applied to an oil painting by Canaletto
    Underwater high definition video of the sunken remains of the RMS Titanic
    3D renderings and illustrations of your projects.

    All good rendering begins with an accurate CAD model. We can take your AutoCAD files and convert them to our software. Let's use those in-house 3D models and take them to the next level!

    We can prepare fully rendered realistic environments or photo-overlays in which 3D graphics seamlessly integrate with the real condition.

    3D animations tightly conceptualized and artistically executed.

    We can provide you with very compact and fluid files suitable for the web, 720p HD format and everything in between. We can do DVD and Blu-Ray authoring, as well.

    We have a fast PC-based rendering farm for fast turn around as well as Mac-based workstations for A/V editing.
    3D interactive smart panels seamlessly integrated into your web site.

    We can take your 3D models or model the objects from scratch. For complex objects with elaborate detail and/or organic shapes we use a photographic based 3D scanning. After that, we establish the logic and write the back end routines for the 3D panel functionality.

    The final step is the implementation of a friendly user interface visually integrated to your existing web site.
    Putting it all together with our web programming expertise.

    Once your 3D assets are there you need to either print the 3D renderings, replicate the 3D animations in a particular media, CD, DVD or Blu-Ray or just post them on the web.

    We have the technical skills and programming capabilities to help you implement a specialized 3Di based eCommerce back end even design your web site from scratch.
    "This is a WOW..."

    Gerry Seelman - Senior Vice-President
    DMJM-Harris - Los Angeles, CA
    "...looking real good....great wood, great color lights, etc...

    Great view out the window on the right side ...Nice touch!!"

    Frank Goguen - Lead Architect
    Countrywide Financial - Irvine, CA

    "This really is a lovely piece of art. Is there a contest you can enter this into?"

    Ned Racine - Senior Communications Officer
    Metro - MTA - Los Angeles, CA
    "Julio, this is perfect!!! You did a fabulous job on this.... It looks so good I think we will print a poster of this also."

    Natalie Pettis- Director of Marketing Communications
    CHW - Stockton, CA

    "Julio is a leader in the field."

    Art Border - Senior Vice-President
    RBB Architects Inc - Los Angeles, CA
    "What wonderful things have been said about your work the past days..."

    Pat Bywater - Director of Marketing
    STV, Inc - Rancho Cucamonga, CA
    "WOW, all the images are really looking great!"

    Chris Flick - Director of Interior Design
    Anshen + Allen - San Francisco, CA
    "...That's a great animation!"

    Craig Pearson
    AECOM, Los Angeles - Associate Vice President - Creative Marketing Services Transportation

    "Well….IT WENT FANTASTIC!!!!! Julio, those displays MADE the presentation so good…they weren’t the focus of the presentation and yet they “drove” the presentation!
    Very cool! ... Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

    Pat Bywater - Vice President
    Hill International - Irvine, CA